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a gift of love


A Gift of Love


J's Diamond showcases a special collection of engagement and wedding rings. Our refined pieces elevate a couple's happily ever after into a statement – a testament to the splendor of their romance.

With a variety of designs blending classic glamour with modern minimalist elegance, we surely have a collection that will match your longing.

More than a fashion statement, more than a gift, more than an art – these stunning pieces not only commemorate treasured moments, but also mirror the brilliant beauty of love.

Get the best engagement rings and wedding rings in the Philippines, only here at J’s Diamond.


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When the going gets tough, one thing saves us all: love. With the strong power of love, every obstacle seems easy to overcome. Because love knows no bounds. Its profound strength defies all barriers – be it time, distance, or societal expectations. 

At J's Diamond, we celebrate the enduring power of love. That’s why we carefully designed our wedding and engagement ring collections to capture the strength and beauty of every love story. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to show your love. Gift your loved one with a lasting symbol of your boundless love.

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Your partner in choosing a special ring

to celebrate a special forever love

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My husband and I fell in love with their infinity ring the moment we first saw it at a bridal fair. We looked around for other options but kept coming back! We decided to go with our heart's desire.
J's Diamond's online and in-store services do not disappoint. After some planning and coordination, we picked the rings up at their store. Everything was ready and perfect!

- Mrs V Panoncillo -


J's Diamond is a wedding ring supplier in the Philippines that was founded in 1998 in the harbor city of Hong Kong, later extending operations to the Philippines in 2012.

Today J’s Diamond uses innovative processing and technology in crafting its pieces. Employing the use of the CNCTechnology in precision jewelry processing and finishing, J’s Diamond presents its audience with fine luxury pieces in diverse designs, thereby establishing the company as one of the best wedding ring suppliers in Metro Manila.

"Our passion has always been creating elegant jewelry of the highest standard to symbolize and celebrate the most important moments in life."

Crafted pieces are a blend of well- loved classic designs, tempered with an innovative touch. Curated collections are each made to reflect the tasteful elegance and refinement of the pieces, an embodiment of the wearer's unique beauty.

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