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How to choose the perfect wedding ring for your budget and style

Choosing the perfect wedding ring for you and your partner is a daunting task, even if you already have a specific design in mind for years. With so many designs and styles available, it's natural to feel overwhelmed and struggle to make a final choice.

As a symbol of love and a reminder of one of the most important days of your life, it's natural to want to choose a wedding ring that will last a lifetime. Even though choosing wedding rings can be time-consuming, it's worth the effort to find rings that you love and cherish forever.

The most obvious thing to consider in buying your wedding ring is the style. Choose the style that you and your partner will love. Before you pick a ring from your preferred wedding ring store in metro manila, you may want to take note of the following tips from us:

Choose something that is comfortable.

Above all else, this should be very well considered in choosing your wedding ring. If you are the type of person who has active lifestyle, or has a job that requires you to always move around, you may need to make sure about the fit of your ring, as well as its height when you wear it. Otherwise, there is a tendency that it may slip off, or get bumped here and there.

Find a wedding ring that stacks well with your engagement ring.

For a start, women may choose wedding ring designs that would match your engagement ring. Since you will most likely wear them together all the time, choose a style that would look like your wedding ring is interlocked with your engagement ring well. Aside from it will make both rings look good, it can also secure both rings’ placement on your ring finger.

Shop for pieces that are within your budget.

Before your search for a wedding ring supplier in the Philippines, set a minimum and maximum budget you and your partner are willing to spend on your wedding rings. This way, when you go to any of the wedding ring stores, you can let them know first about it, then they can show you the specific designs and styles available that are within your budget. This way, you have already lessen your options, and you won’t get tempted to add more if the price of the ring is too far from what you have already set.


These are the most common designs that Filipino couples consider when buying their wedding rings.

Half-eternity Wedding Rings

An eternity or half-eternity ring has diamonds all the way around or halfway-through the band in an endless circle. Many soon-to-wed brides prefer eternity rings with a belief that it signifies never-ending love and commitment.

Infinity Ring

An infinity ring has a similar meaning to eternity ring. It symbolizes love that goes on and on forever. But instead of forming an endless circle of diamonds, the infinity ring's design creates an infinity sign, or figure 8, to symbolize that infinite relationship.


Many people still prefer a classic wedding band, often without diamonds. These timeless wedding ring style is typically made from either yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, and have a simple, unadorned design.

These styles will greatly determine the cost of your wedding ring. Sure the classic ones have more likely affordable prices but there are also eternity and infinity rings that you may consider with your budget. You can also customize and turn classic designs to something fun by adding a diamond to it.


There really is no standard cost on how much should you spend on wedding rings, but couples normally allocate a good 3-5% of their wedding budget on their rings since these are most likely to stay longer than giveaways, or dessert, or invitations. You can ask help from other newlywed couples that you know for you to have an idea or a baseline of the cost, but just because theirs may be a little more than what you had in mind, does not mean your budget is already not good enough. Talk it out with your partner on how much you’re both willing to spend on your rings, and check different wedding ring stores. For sure you will find one that will suit both your budget and style.

With more than 400 designs to choose from, you can surely find something that would suit you and your partner’s style at J’s Diamond for whatever budget you may have. Checkout our wedding rings to commemorate your lifetime of love in our sophisticated pieces.

Book an appointment at or visit us at our branches: Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Lucky Chinatown, SM City Dasmarinas, Ayala Malls Trinoma.



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