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Unique Ideas to Engrave on Your Wedding Rings

Engraving is a type of printmaking technique where designs or texts are cut into hard, flat surfaces such as metals or wood. These designs are painstakingly and aesthetically carved by a cutting tool called a burin. Considered an age-old practice, engraving has stood the test of time and is still performed today. Modern examples of engravings are names added to sports trophies, pet tags, name badges, and text or designs on jewelry like wedding rings.

Engraving wedding rings has become popular because it enhances their look and value. This is possible by carving designs and text into wedding rings to make them stand out from other ordinary wedding rings. Another is that wedding rings become more valuable when couples add their personal touch through their own designs. And most especially, engraving it helps you and your partner remember a special moment or special details in regards to your love.


Ideas for Your Wedding Band Engraving

If you are planning to have your wedding rings engraved, it is important to plan ahead for what text or designs you want to include. Some of the most common examples of wedding ring engravings are:

  • Name or initial: Putting your and your partner’s names and initials on wedding rings is the most common type of engraving. It looks so simple, yet romantic. Mostly, the name of the groom appears first in the ladies ring, and the name of the bride comes first in the men’s ring. Engravers carve these names by using "&" or "and" to connect the names and signify that the couples are united as one.

  • Significant Dates: These can include the first time you met, your first date, your first kiss, or any date that holds a special place in both of your lives. Engraving it allows the two of you to remember these dates more and be nostalgic. Also, dates can be easily and simply fitted on wedding rings, making it one of the most popular engraves. Usually, dates are written as digits to save space and make it simple, but you can also request to have them engraved out, like January 19, 2010.

  • Meaningful symbols: You can also choose from a multitude of symbols that can be carved into your wedding rings. Make sure you pick something that represents your love; it can be a heart, waves, an astronomical object, or any other significant symbol. Adding symbols to your wedding rings allows you to be creative and incorporate your personalized touch. But make sure to ask your engraver if they are able to cut your desired design because it may be too complicated.


Where to Find the Best

Jewelry Engravers in the city?

Once you have decided on what to engrave your wedding rings with, the next step is to find the best jewelry shop to do the work. In the Philippines, J’s Diamond is a premier wedding ring supplier. We use advanced technology and processing to make sure that every wedding ring we make is both a work of art and a labor of love. We offer wedding rings for men and women as well as customized wedding rings in the Philippines to cater to our clients who want a personal touch in their wedding rings. We at J’s Diamond believe that each love is unique on its own and worth celebrating.



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